Shelf life/ tenure


Question for more tenured CoS’s: How have you approached the shelf life/ tenure conversation as a CoS? I.e. Have you had to address your role in terms of how long you will sit in the seat for? If so, how have you started the conversation for your next role? If not, how have you discussed CoS role growth (increased tittle, reports, responsibility, etc)?

Since no one else has answered yet, I'll take a shot - 22-28mo is explicitly written into my JDWe envision the role as a leadership/growth pipeline, so it will be important for someone other than me to jump in.I'm only ~6 or 8mo in so far, so we'll see how it plays out, but we talk ~quarterly about where I might land afterwards. Depends on the needs of the business at the time, though.

When i started in the role, we discussed an 18-24 month timeline. @stephen's comment about including the timeline in the JD is a great idea. Nearly every CoS or former CoS I talked to when I started stressed the importance of working on "what you want to do next" as soon as possible. CoS can be a difficult transition into more senior operating roles, so the prep is important. In terms of how to have this conversation, the relationship with your CEO (or other exec) is critical - having trust and a strong relationship enables this conversation to take place in a meaningful way. That person should help you grow, develop, take on the necessary projects to be well positioned. Thats my 2cents!

Helpful sanity check you two - thanks!

For us at Amex that aren’t the CoS for the CEO, it’s a little bit different. I will agree that most often, this role is seen as a stepping stone to the next role - most likely a promotion to another band level. For me personally though, I actually really enjoy this type of role and want to continue on in the same. With that said, I would want to grow into higher band levels which would most likely mean with different leaders. Right now, I’m at the manager level but the next step would be a director, followed by a Vice President. The CoS for the CEO is a VP but his direct reports also have VP chiefs as well. Typically, we need to be in role for at least 1 year to be promoted but usually for a manager to director it’s about 2-3 years before a promotion.