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would anyone be willing to share their Executive structures i.e who reports directly to the CEO and who is on the "strategic team" for the CEO? (edited)

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hey Jamie, how large is your company? industry, age, b2b or b2c, etc

We had the exec team (CMO, CCO, Head of R&D, CFO, GC, CTO), and the CEO’s support team was just his CoS (me) and EA.Have seen many other structures, particularly where security/privacy/QC/audit are concerned, so will need more data to @Graham Shorr’s point.

Hey- we are at 60 employees, non-profit, 16 years old, b2b . We are a national governing body of youth football just like USA Soccer or USA Swimming etc.

Our two Founders are Co-CEOs, so our world is generally split into G&A (Finance, Legal, Support, Sales, Marketing, IT, etc.) and Product, where the former rolls up to one CEO and the latter to the other CEO.


thank you

  • I was previously at a ~30 person startup where effectively if you were older than 24 years old and not a sales employee you were on the "leadership team." that was a disaster: it was largely symbolic, and thus frustrating for folks on the team. there was also a "CEO's direct reports" team which actually made the decisions
  • current company is ~300 people, CEO directs include CMO CFO CTO CPO CHRO and VP of sales. all those people attend the board meetings, along with our GC. then there's like the marketing leadership team, product leadership team, etc. But no x-functional leadership crew that expands beyond the execs (not ideal IMO, but I am not the CEO)


40ish person Startup with Founder CEO:SLT (Sr. Leadership Team) CRO, VP of OPs, VP of Eng, Head of Product, Acting CFO, Head of People Ops, Chief of Staff.Broader Leadership includes heads of functional units under the CRO and VP of Ops. (edited)